Crate-Digging Quick Takes: American Green – Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears EP

I have a completely-filled 120 GB iPod classic, the record crate of the digital age, containing my entire music library. I’m listening to each release in alphabetical order by record title – kind of a virtual archaeological dig. These are my findings.

(Lost Children, 2008)

Lost Children can’t win them all. I found myself really bored while listening to this EP. This one is kind of a bedroom-indie type of affair from Japan, with samples, sans vocals, so I should be all over this, right? Meh. You won’t find many semi-negative reviews here – it is my record collection after all – but apparently there’s still chaff cluttering up the ol’ iPod.

Multi-instrumentalist and programmer Takafumi Shirai has helpfully narrated the entire release, so I’m going to be lazy and simply offer counterpoint to his musings. If I can keep myself awake.

1. Leaves And Drops
An easy tune which leads into “Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears” and makes it an easy listen. Therefore, the BPM of these tunes was made the same.

Easy, sure. It’s treated, ambient piano that’s fairly nice, and features sped-up descending piano runs that are interesting. Lasts all of 2 minutes.

2. Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears
This tune is an anti-war tune. I hope for peace.

Pleasant, mid-tempo, post-indie rock somehow. Has samples of a crying baby which make it irritating. I should probably get over that, as a new-dad-to-be and all. I think I wish this one was the one that lasted two minutes. Wait, anti-war tune? What?

3. Dance Around April Petals
This tune is Inspired by cherry blossoms.

At first sounding like it was recorded murkily, similar to Modest Mouse’s Live in Sunburst Montana demo, it kicks in, kicks back out, and re-kicks to end. Whatever that means. It’s by-the-numbers indie.

4. Neighborhood(memo rec.)
I recorded this tune to not forget the phrase hit upon momentarily.

I don’t know what that means. This tune’s a dead ringer for Owen.

5. Noon And Terracotta
Even I am surprised because a mechanical sound like this works surprisingly well for this tune.

More electronically adorned emo indie. Given Willingly does this 1000 times better.

6. The Last Home Room Hour
This tune was made when graduating from my high school and imagining the sound.

I … guess?

7. Marigold
This tune is influenced by bossa nova. I did not think that this tune would become so close to pop. And, the flower language of the marigold “lives”. The concept is “Happy life”, “Pleasure where it lives”.

This is a goofy little bossa nova song. I’m past caring.

* * *

Even though I’m quickly dismissing this release, it’s definitely not the worst thing that Lost Children’s released, even though I’m usually completely enthralled with their catalog. (Meaning: when’s the next release???) I’m definitely more turned off by records from Moya than anyone else. As it stands, American Green makes harmless bedroom indie, and that, in the end, is OK. Steer toward it if you like.

RIYL: Given Willingly, Owen, Western Homes


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