Instant Gratification Quick Takes: June 16, 2011

Highlighting odd and off-beat new releases to watch instantly on Netflix

New for June 16, 2011

The Beast of Bray Road (2005), directed by Leigh Scott, with Jeff Denton, Tom Downey and Tom Nagel – This looks cool based on its box cover, that is, until you do a little reading up on it and realize that it’s an Asylum Production. Oh yeah, it’s a “Leigh Scott Film.” Does that mean anything to anybody? Anyone? Hand down, Leigh Scott. You do not count. Anyway, unlike most of the Asylum’s direct-to-video films, this one isn’t based on a blockbuster. It’s also got good reviews from Netflix customers, as one person delicately puts it, “The Beast of Bray Road has the three “B”s: blood, boobs and…” Okay. I forget the rest. Badgers? Blow-up dolls? Bangers and mash? Fun facts, according to IMDb: The Beast of Bray Road is dedicated “to the great state of Wisconsin.” One of the character, a prison guard, is named Jenkins after the character from Dead Man Walking, who is also a prison guard. By the way, This is based on a real-life local Wisconsin legend. (Available until May 1, 2014)


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