Instant Gratification Quick Takes: June 20, 2011

Highlighting odd and off-beat new releases to watch instantly on Netflix

Matt D.’s Instant Watch Pick for June 20, 2011

Dunn & Vito’s Rock Tour (2007), with Ryan Dunn, Vincent “Don Vito” Margera, Brandon Dicamillo and Steve-O – Ladies and gentleman of the jury, may I direct your attention to Exhibit A, Dunn & Vito’s Rock Tour, a documentary (in the loosest sense of the term) chronicling former Jackass cast members Ryan Dunn (no relation) and Vincent “Don Vito” Margera’s rock concert/freak show 2005 cross-country tour. Only a year after the tour was complete, Margera — uncle of fellow Jackass actor Bam Margera — was charged in August 2006 with two counts of sexual assault for allegedly groping two 12-year-old fans during an autograph signing and found guilty after a trial the following year, forcing him to give up his Don Vito alter ego. Dunn, meanwhile, went on to star in last year’s Jackass 3D, before losing his life early this morning in a fatal car crash near West Chester, Pennsylvania. In light of these circumstances, Dunn & Vito’s Rock Tour amounts to the most depressing episode of Jackass ever — worse than the Steve-O videos; worse than Johnny Knoxville’s movie career. Even if you can forget about Dunn’s death for a moment, Dunn & Vito’s Rock Tour is pretty pathetic. It’s 60 minutes of Dunn & Vito getting drunk and bitching — bitching about their tour bus, bitching about each other. There’s ample footage of the two reality TV stars “performing” for audiences — showcasing stunts like pulling audience members on-stage and shaving their heads or shooting them in the mouth with a urine-filled Super Soaker water guns. Dunn and Vito cavort with women of questionable self worth, who hungrily shrimp Vito’s filthy toes. There’s some really bad pop punk music. Did I mention that Dunn and Vito drink lots of alcohol? There’s speculation that booze was a contributing factor in the car crash in which Dunn was killed. This video is prime evidence that Dunn lived his life a Jackass until the very end. Or is that “jackass”? (Available until November 1, 2011)


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