Instant Gratification Quick Takes: June 24, 2011


Highlighting odd and off-beat new releases to watch instantly on Netflix

New for June 24, 2011

Switchblade Sisters (1975), directed by Jack Hill, with Joanne Nail, Robbie Lee and Chase Newhart – I’ve never seen this, but the fact that it’s one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films makes me want to not like it already. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tarantino’s films. When I was in high school, I considered it a badge of honor that I had gone and seen Pulp Fiction in the movie theaters at least half-a-dozen times and could quote the whole “Royale with Cheese” scene to perfection. However, I never quite got Tarantino’s taste in movies and always thought he was just fucking with us with some of the terrible grindhouse movies that he espoused as “classics.” (Although I will agree that Thriller: A Cruel Picture is fucking awesome.) Bottom line: there’s good grindhouse and there’s bad grindhouse. Where does Switchblade Sisters fall? I guess this is my chance to find out. The fact that it’s directed by Jack “Coffy” Hill is a good sign. And you gotta love girl gangs. Seriously. You gotta. Maybe this will be several layers of awesome after all. If you’ve seen Switchblade Sisters, let me know what you think with that little feedback form below. (Available until June 1, 2012)

The Telling (2009), directed by Nicholas Carpenter, with Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison – Here’s a horror anthology movie that subscribes to the rule that a proper horror anthology movie should include at least one story involving a killer doll. It looks like softcore porn. It’s not. It does star a couple of Playboy playmates. However, in a shocking twist, these ladies keep their clothes on throughout the entire film — which could be interpreted as a bold feminist statement or simply a case of someone getting their wires crossed. Maybe the filmmakers didn’t know they were Playboy playmates when they hired them. A quick IMDb look up reveals that Mr. Nicholas Carpenter is a production assistant who has had guest spots on Kendra and The Girls Next Door – you know, that show about the Playboy chicks. In fact, Nicholas Carpenter is the boyfriend of Ms. Bridget Marquardt. So that’s why she keeps her clothes on! Did I mention this movie has a killer doll story? That’s the only reason I’m including it here. (Available until March 1, 2014)


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