Instant Gratification Rant: That Netflix Issue or "I WANT MY SIX DOLLARS!"

Highlighting odd and off-beat new releases to watch instantly on Netflix

I guess I ought to talk about this Netflix price increase business — but I assure you this is going to get ugly.

First of all, the price hike doesn’t really affect me. At least not much. My Netflix bill is going to go up 99 cents. I was on a $14.99-a-month, two DVDs out at-a-time plan with unlimited streaming. I’m now on a one DVD out at-a-time plan with unlimited streaming that’s going to cost me $15.98-a-month. Basically, there will be one less red envelope lying around my house at a time. As for the extra cost per month, I’m sure I can find some change buried in my couch.

“But, what about this 60 percent price increase I keep reading about?”Netflix members currently on a $9.99-a-month one DVD out-at-a-time, unlimited streaming plan will now have to choose between going streaming only at $7.99-a-month or seeing their monthly bill jump up to $15.98, an increase of about six bucks – or 60 percent. You can also go “DVD only” at $7.99-a-month — although if you’re a Netflix member that hasn’t delved into the Watch Instantly library, you haven’t been getting your money’s worth.

A seat at the virtual film smorgasbord which is Netflix streaming at $7.99-a-month is a great deal. It’s such a good deal that, as I type this, I’m reconsidering going streaming only. That basically means, thanks to the price hike, I might actually save $7.99 a month. Thank you, Netflix.

“But, what about all the movies that aren’t available to watch instantly — new releases like The Green Hornet and Arthur?”

Well, there’s still Redbox and Blockbuster Express. Your Netflix membership doesn’t preclude you from using other rental services.

Me? I’m personally not interested in most of the garbage being spewed out of Hollywood these days. If I really want to see something new, I’ll find a way to watch it.

Totally not worth getting all bent out of shape over.

If you just have to see The Green Hornet or Arthur on the day it’s released — first of all, you’re an idiot. No, you are. Back in my video store clerking days, there would always be those people that came in every Tuesday when the new movies hit the shelves and would have to rent whatever was brand spanking new. Those were stupid sheep people who used to rent whatever piece of crap Dean Cain movie had just come out.

Second of all, like I said … you still have Redbox or Blockbuster Express. Take your pick.

Maybe I just have the money in my entertainment budget to spare since I gave up on cable a long time ago. That alone saved me $70 or so every month. Then, there’s the fact that I barely ever get out to the multiplex because I’m an adult and I have kids and — even if I had the time to go see a movie on the big screen — the ridiculous price of theater tickets is enough to keep me away.

So, if I find it hard to sympathize with a bunch of folks complaining over a few extra dollars a month from a company like Netflix that delivers an excellent product — while these same people have been raped for years by the cable companies and theater chains and continue to take it — sorry.

“But, I don’t have cable either.”


Did you know that 41 percent of Netflix subscribers are liars? I call bluffing

I told you this was going to get ugly.

No new releases to watch instantly today, which really doesn’t help my argument that Netflix has a superior service — but, believe me, there’s lots of good stuff on there. See for yourself. Go to Stop bitching. Watch a movie. If you’re into cult, exploitation and horror films, why don’t you check out the Instant Gratification archive?

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