The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 002: The Breeders – Last Splash / Swingers


The Critical Masses Podcast logo by John Newcomer (Twitter: @thejohnisjohn)

Episode 002 – The Breeders – Last Splash / Swingers


Look, we don’t have anything truly personal against Scotty Morris, guitarist, vocalist, and bandleader of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. But after re-watching Swingers, it’s hard not to get that total tool vibe from him, right? I mean, look at him – he’s got that dorky goatee, and his overenunciation of lyrics was grating at best, and that’s pretty charitable. I forget who says it – John or Matt – but man, he gives this total Nickelback vocal performance. That ain’t a good thing.

Fortunately, I guess, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was able to carve out a pretty good career, and they were sure helped by their prominent placement in Swingers. They played the Super Bowl Halftime Show, for goodness’ sake! I mean, it was 1999, and this was before the current crop of high-class performances we’ve been graced with for the past decade. (Wait, who played? Oh….) They cashed in on the swing trend in the 1990s (and yes, only DORKS did that shit), and are still riding some sort of nostalgia wave. There is nothing wrong with that, I don’t begrudge them a career, and there are worse things than playing EPCOT. (I saw Huey Lewis and the News there. I am not being glib – it was awesome.) Good for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Good for swing music.

That doesn’t change the fact that it sounds like a turd sandwich to me, but hey, you’re not here for that. Neither are we.


We watched Swingers years and years after we first loved it. We listened to The Breeders’ classic Last Splash during its twentieth anniversary. One of these has aged quite well. The other is Swingers. [Editor’s note: That was John’s joke, and Ryan stole it.]

By the way, our friend John joined us this time. That’s his byline under the nifty logo up there.


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