On Shuffle: Psychic Blood – Drrrty 7"


(Nerve Hold Records, 2013)

I did a faceplant on my bike once that required stitches and the removal of several pieces of gravel from various body parts, but I got over it OK. I was pretty much back on my bike within the week, jumping over whatever I could find, the only reminder of my crash a periodic itching as the wounds healed. I wish I was 8-year-old me again, sometimes – and not in the psychological repression sense, or whatever, I just get the urge sometimes to freak out and ride rampant on my BMX, especially in the summertime, all sweaty and wind-blown. Maybe I was born to have perma-gravel knees, beat-up sneakers, and an adrenaline high. Then I realize how old I am. I’m pretty far removed from 8.

drtyBut hey – this is a non-depressive music column, and heck if I’m gonna let a little age get me down! And thank god I have Massachusetts post punks Psychic Blood, whose new 7”, “Drrrty,” is pretty much the exact musical representation of my 8-year-old self riding my bike down the steepest hill I can find. The guitars race like my freaking skinny legs peddling like a madman, and the delivery is unrepentantly headlong at all times. It’s like if …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead got over their capital-I Issues and remembered to have fun again. Remember those halcyon days? Truly magical.

I mean seriously, these guitars are scrawly as anything, as if Rodan, Silkworm, and Archers of Loaf all stuck their collective faces in a blender and let the runoff create the tunes instead of actual humans. No, wait, this is more human than anything, a primal, childlike humanness that just wants to have some total scraggly, crazy fun. Can you picture Psychic Blood slinging their guitars around onstage like insane primates, while the drummer tries to keep his kit from exploding outward from his sheer force? It’s easy to do. I recommend it while you’re listening. It’s like a sugar rush in your head.

Oh, hey, there’s a b-side, “Bed Head.” It’s more of the same, maybe a little less so. And the whole thing was produced by Justin Pizzoferrato, who has worked with Dinosaur Jr. (of course) and Sonic Youth branches Chelsea Light Moving and Body/Head (duh). So, guitars. This is a totally perfect slab of wax for this time of year. Download it too, if you can, ’cause these tunes will sound just as good blasting from car speakers as they would from your hi-fi. Are there such things as bike speakers? Could you totally picture me cruising on my dirtbike, decked out in subwoofers, and blaring “Drrrty” as I smack mailboxes with a bat? This is made for mischief.

The band has pressed 111 transparent vinyl copies. That’s it. Get on it.


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