On Shuffle: Nomadic Firs – "Lavish Hush"

lavish hush

(Bad Panda, 2013)

Ryan Boos is a chorus machine. He just can’t help it. His output as Nomadic Firs is filled with one hook after another. Check his self-titled album, or its remix follow-up Wild, and you’ll get it – guy knows what he’s doing. What do I mean by “chorus machine”? I mean that Boos builds entire songs out of choruses – every single part of every single song has a really good chance to get inside your head one way or another.

So now he’s here with “Lavish Hush,” released by Bad Panda records as #194 in their digital single series, and the lead track to a B-sides record coming out later this summer. It, too, is like what – three choruses stitched together? I mean really – how are you doing this, Nomadic Firs? Those sprightly keys, bouncy rhythm, and muffled Kevin Drew–esque drawl lackadaisically and perfectly bringing it all together? It’s almost unfair how a song that sounds this relaxed can be so obviously perfect. Summer fodder for sure.

And it’s a completely different direction than the chilly Thom Yorke-y dub of December 2012 single “Starfish Kids,” but maybe it’s the change of season, who knows. Oh yeah, did you notice in the last paragraph I mentioned this was gonna lead off a B-sides comp? Really? This is A-side material, album lead-off stuff. Ryan – don’t relegate this to merely a B-side. It’s freaking magic. It’s impossible to remove from your head.

Not really rocket science – go get this one everybody. Nomadic Firs is gonna take over your stereo this summer.

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