The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 004, Part 2: Fall of Efrafa – Owsla


The Critical Masses Podcast logo by John Newcomer (Twitter: @thejohnisjohn)

Episode 004, Part 2 – Fall of Efrafa, “Owsla”


Before we start, if you didn’t listen to part 1 of this podcast, do it right, freaking, now. I am your link.

So this is part 2 – where cliffhangers go to be resolved. Were you clinging tightly to something after last week’s podcast?  Couldn’t believe we didn’t have the whole thing ready for you? Angry? Confused? Betrayed? Hungry? I was. And I helped make this whole thing. (This is Ryan. This is aaaaalways Ryan. Until Inle comes for me.)

I got over it though. How? Hamburgers and other sandwiches mostly. And Fall of Efrafa. Yeah, that’s right, this band right here helped me rage my emotions away in some overly dramatic primal fashion. I yelled, I beat my fists, I glowered at the computer screen, I shook my head, I wept a little. OK, a lot. And then there I was, all out of energy, broken, ready to be built back up into the man I once was, the man I knew I could still be if I dug deep enough. So, after a week filled with self-pity, I’m ready to not be angry at Matt anymore for not recording the second half of the podcast by accident. I’m ready to forgive. Because, arguably, this is better than the discarded session. Quite possibly WAY better. Maybe the best thing we’ve ever done.

No, that’s not true – it’s not nearly our best work. First, because John couldn’t make it this time. Second, I was never really mad at Matt, that was a joke, so there was really no emotional investment. That whole thing up there? Lies. Third, because Evan forgot to mention Terror and Comeback Kid this time, even after I did my homework, going to the trouble of LISTENING to them before this session to see what he was talking about. And he was right, there’s some of that in this here Fall of Efrafa record. But it never comes up in the conversation.

Of course this is still well worth your time to listen to. So do it. At the beginning we suggest John’s absence is the result of a prolonged stay on the toilet. Childish hilarity ensues. Beware, some language NSFW, but that’s only because we’re QUOTING things.



3 responses to “The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 004, Part 2: Fall of Efrafa – Owsla

  1. Hey, I didn’t win the trivia. Having a great time listening to you guys though! I can’t believe one of you dicks rated a vegan band with bacon stuffed bacon!


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