The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 005: Matt, Ryan, and Amos Washington Shoot the Breeze


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Episode 005 – Matt, Ryan, and Amos Washington Shoot the Breeze


The title pretty much says it all. Me, Matt, and John … er, Amos Washington decided to have a sit-down without Evan for once (he was studying for his Ex-Terminator license, and yes, that means he was an ex-terminator and needed to study to receive his license for existing in the past, somehow) and simply kick it. We went structureless, and I have to say, it turned out pretty great. It’s almost as if this is the most important podcast you’ll ever listen to. It probably is, actually. No, it actually is.

The three of us have pretty similar musical tastes and backgrounds, and that’s what we went for. We answer the big questions, like “What have you been listening to?,” “Who’s the most dickish musician you’ve ever met?” (and of course, Conor Oberst is part of the conversation), and “Why the hell didn’t you see Hanson live for free last week, Matt?” They’re the deep questions, the hard-hitting ones, the ones that make you really think about yourself and where you fit in this life.

We were supposed to watch Southland Tales and listen to Mike Watt’s Ball-Hog or Tugboat?, but we blew that. That’ll come in a later podcast. Then we were supposed to watch PrimerĀ and listen to The Books’ The Lemon of Pink, but we blew that too. That’ll be our next podcast. So hang out with us. Hey, did you know we’re on iTunes now too? We’ve arrived!



10 responses to “The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 005: Matt, Ryan, and Amos Washington Shoot the Breeze

  1. BTW, Ryan, I was the one who tried to pull a fast one on Black Franny, but you are the one he gave the knowing look to. That was when somebody threw a barrel of empties into the alleyway, and BF excused himself to investigate the crash. He then circumnavigated us to say hi to a kid in a wheelchair, who he appeared to recognize. The fact that I remember this suggests that we were out of weed.


  2. nuh uh, that was me – you put me up to it. the kid in the wheelchair was from the bennies, with whom the heathers played at the wire one time. (i think. maybe we just saw them there.) they were nice kids. they opened up for the pixies at their 2004 show in philly. i think fb had a soft spot for them, plus the bennies recorded at least once with albini (surfer rosa connx).


  3. As the only other one there, I gotta side with Leeman. I remember it as him giving Frank the business, and have been telling that story that way for years. I also have a fabulous memory.
    He was coming out to the bus, Leeman yelled “Uncle Frank! How come you never call or write! We miss you!” Then Frank said “Do I know you?” Leeman said “no” and a confused Frank Black immediately got on the tour bus. Then a guy with a hat that he got musicians to sign got mad at us because Frank got on the bus right after we effed with him, leaving no time for him to get his hat signed.


  4. Frank Black thought you guys were a bunch of idiots. I think I like that version of the story better.



  5. well, since two of the three of us remember it one way, i’ll go with the majority remembrance, especially since john has provided so much extra detail. i still don’t remember it that way though, but i’ll stop telling my version of the story.

    i might, though, just start telling matt’s version, because that’s probably the truth.


  6. I think Matt’s version is a given. My favorite BF story is my friend Gabe’s. Portland, OR ~2000AD, Gabe is smoking a cigarette out in front of the neighborhood grocer he works at, and BF’s mom walks out, gets solicited by the spare change guy that hangs out there, and she gives him some change as always, and she also offers him a cd of her son’s new album. Hobo sees the word Catholics on the cover and hands it back to her saying that he doesn’t listen to religious music. She tries to persuade him for a minute more before he shoos her away. Stupid hobo!


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