The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 008: F for Fake / Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge


The Critical Masses Podcast logo by John Newcomer (Twitter: @thejohnisjohn)

Episode 008: F For Fake / Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge


For the next … er, however many words this post is, and until I arbitrarily decide I’m ready to switch gears, I will write nothing but absolute fact. Everything you read will be true, and no amount of second guessing will change the reality that these things are real and have happened. For example, we watched Orson Welles’ final film, a wildly entertaining documentary of sorts called F for Fake, about which we were somewhat divided, but not by a whole lot. We also listened to Mike Oldfield’s second album, 1974’s Hergest Ridge, which we also thoroughly enjoyed.

These things are so real, they’re hyper-real.

And the realer we get, the more you love us. John whipped us all into shape this time around, schooling us on the finer points of these two expertly crafted pieces of media. Behold, Oja Kodar was Orson Welles’ mistress for, like, 25 years! Behold (again), Mike Oldfield layered 100 guitars over top of one another for the organ-sounding part in “Hergest Ridge (part two)”! Behold (yet a third time), a riveting discussion on how I, Ryan, have never seen Citizen Kane, and how I should be totally scorned by anyone with half a brain!

And then there was Evan, who not only didn’t watch F for Fake, but who instead watched Caddyshack like a spoiled child. He was late to the podcast – he came in almost halfway through – because he was riding not just one, but five bike races, a bicycling pentathlon if you will. He won them all, no doubt spurred by all the “doping” he did, which meant mainlining boxes and boxes of croutons directly into his veins. So kids, remember then, bike racing is only fun and only worth watching or participating in when you have a chemical advantage. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Could you tell where the fakery began and where it ended? I sure could – it’s really obvious.




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