The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 010: Watchmen / Captain Ahab – The End of Irony


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Episode 010: Watchmen / Captain Ahab – The End of Irony


I guess I have to say it now – Who watches the Watchmen? WE DO! (…We do…) And just so you know, we’re all coming at this from the angle that we loved the graphic novel. What’d we think of the film? Listen to find out, dummy, you’ll get no spoilers from me!

Well, except for actual spoilers in the movie. I’ll warn you about that right now. Not only do we spoil the movie, but we also spoil the graphic novel. Maybe that will sway you from listening if you haven’t checked all that out yet. But heck – you should probably listen anyway, because we’re all just so darn endearing. You love hearing our voices. You love us.

And maybe you should check out Captain Ahab, too. Heck, I insist. There’s a fleeting thematic connection between Captain Ahab’s album The End of Irony and Watchmen, but again, spoilers. So listen up. Just know that I’ve been pretty obsessed by Captain Ahab recently. That ain’t no joke. (And this is Ryan, btw, in case you were wondering. I’m always here.)

And hey, here’s a link to our dearly departed Captain’s bandcamp page – all their albums are pay what you want. (No, the Captain’s not dead, just resting… and busy doing stuff around the Clipping.)

So hey, shut up a minute and listen, will ya?



6 responses to “The Critical Masses Podcast – Episode 010: Watchmen / Captain Ahab – The End of Irony

  1. i forgot about it too. i don’t think it turned me off cohen though. not that i’ve listened to him since 2009, but, y’know. just haven’t.


  2. Never seen the Watchmen movie but I love the graphic novel. After listening to this podcast, I am in no rush to see the film. The few clips I saw of Rorschach were pretty cool but the rest sound like a big heaping pile of meh. Also, goddamn Hallelujah should never be in any scene in any film ever again and the fact that it’s in Watchmen (and used to underscore a sex scene?!?) is an unforgivable sin. Fuck Zack Snyder.

    Man of Steel was okay, from what I saw of it. It wasn’t terrible. This is coming from someone who hates Superman.


  3. wasn’t that song in the graphic novel though? i think that’s why they included it. see: our conversation regarding the music used in the film compared to how it was used in the graphic novel.

    i agree though, it’s too easy.


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