The Critical Masses Brunchcast – Episode 006: Holiday Albums That Don't Suck


The Critical Masses Podcast logo by John Newcomer (Twitter: @thejohnisjohn)

Episode 006: Holiday Albums That Don’t Suck


Yo dummies! Ryan here, wishing you a super happy holidays and all that yuckage. Are you sick and freaking tired of Christmas music yet? Strangely, I’m not. Wanna know why? Because I have the secret to Christmas music.

Wanna know what it is?

Do ya?

It’s a healthy LIST! A list of Christmas albums that don’t suck, that is. At least, we four – me, John, Matt, and Evan – don’t think they suck. Or, at least we don’t think our OWN entries into this list suck. But in any case, that’s neither here nor there, because you WILL survive Christmas if you listen to this podcast. I promise you, your life will be changed.

You know what’s weird? Evan’s list and my list were almost identical. Maybe it’s because we’re brothers. Or maybe we just have the most impeccable taste of all.

Shut up! Listen! Merry Christmas!



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