Crate-Digging: Death Pedals – The Carvery

 death pedals

(Triplejump Records/Sonic Anhedonic Recording Company, 2013)

Still got that cold I mentioned the other day. That’s why I’m glad, today, that Death Pedals’ album The Carvery did exactly what its title suggests the band is capable of (well, somewhat): slash a swath through the thick haze of congestion in my sinuses like Halls freaking mentholyptus and steroids. It’s what I absolutely need right now.

It’s what I absolutely need on a lot of other days too, the ones where I’m actually feeling good. Death Pedals is a fantastic punk rock/rock ‘n’ roll hybrid, on the cusp of post punk but with way too many Stooges and MC5 records in their collection. Like the sound of that? You know I do. And, turns out these guys are into Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes, just like me! Perhaps they, too, have posters of Rick Froberg loosely taped to the ceiling above their beds?

Oh, Rick Froberg…

*Head shake* Where was I? It’s hard to keep it all straight right now. I do know that The Carvery, all of nine tracks and 24-ish minutes, works perfectly as a doldrums cure. Indeed, this is exactly what we need at the beginning of 2014 – a histrionic shitfit of strangled guitars and fuzzy yelps, a rhythm section careening like a train half off the Northern Line rails. Chase the clouds and the haze away. And the snow and the cold. I betcha there’s a packed club somewhere just begging Death Pedals to show up and heat up the crowd in a frenzy. I’d be there … if I still lived in London. (Tour, you guys!)

Anyway, all this Drive Like Jehu love shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve read me at all – ever – and it’s refreshing to hear Froberg and crew’s heirs presumptive take a crack at the masters. The one-two punch of “Invincible” and “Apone” preeeetty much sum up the rest of the record – fast, loud, with hinky guitar chordage tossed around like it ain’t no thang. But what’s the point of picking favorites? It’s a short record – revel in it, enjoy it, live it like a headfirst dive into a brick wall.

Well, I guess I should mention personal favorite “Best Night Out in Town,” as it features a bridge less dense than the rest of the tracks, and it’s a nice break. Of course, it falls off a cliff into the guitar madness after its brief interlude, but change up really makes the song. Oh, and one-and-a-half-minute closer “Sharks Vs Jets” might be the most fun I have all year, and as I write this, the year is only three days old. Heck, I’m calling it.

RIYL: Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Mayors of Miyazaki, Gorilla Biscuits


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