On Shuffle VIDEO PREMIERE: Radio Shock – Trapper Keeper

(7″ on Decoherence Records, 2014)

You’ve got to have some sort of soft spot for a guy who shreds as much on guitar as M. P. Lockwood does, all by his lonesome. I mean seriously, imagine sitting in your apartment with nothing more than a ratty guitar and a table rigged with electronics, and jamming so hard you’d probably kick over the table while pogo-ing. Lockwood – whose recordings as Radio Shock (’cause Radio Shack can get bent!) straddle the tightrope between punk, pop, and noise – probably jams that hard in his own apartment, although he likely doesn’t knock his table over because he needs it for programming stuff. Although don’t tell the kids in this video that – they’re grabbing whatever they can get their hands on.

Right, this video! Shot totally guerilla style mostly in Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Lockwood’s “trapped” (pun belligerently intended) in a loose narrative wherein he’s got a Trapper Keeper filled with trippy geometric drawings that exert some sort of secret mystical power over those who behold them. The Trapper Keeper is stolen from Lockwood in the park, and so he rocks out on guitar. All by himself. With his table of electronics. In the park.

And dude, his shoes, tie, and guitar strap are amazingly coordinated, and neon.

So the people in the park have no idea what to make of him. And then *SPOILER ALERT* he dies at the end. So do the people who took the Trapper Keeper and rummaged through the magic geometry.

You can speculate on meaning all you want. I won’t. It’s clear to me that you’re not supposed to mess with a man and his Trapper Keeper, because you never know what strange behavior doing so will unleash at the park, or what sort of evil will emerge for vengeance. It’s also pretty clear that Lockwood had a lot of fun with this. Good for him, there’s no reason not to.

Radio Shock is the sound of day-glo scorched earth, and head-crushing bioluminescence. “Trapper Keeper” is side A. Side B is a freaking Wolf Eyes cover. “Imagine Yourself As Me” (from Wolf Eyes). Grip this 2/25, because you won’t regret it, ever, ever, ever, ever.

Bonus: More Radio Shock here!


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