Crate-Digging Quick Takes: Various Artists – Phinery Compilation #1

(Phinery Tapes, 2014)

Happy Friday everybody! I’m pleased to introduce you to Phinery Tapes, a new Danish cassette label specializing in a variety of styles and musics: drone, ambient, found sound, experimental, synth, etc. They clearly have it going on. It’s a classy operation, as evidenced by PHI001, a stellar comp featuring many artists who will release albums on the label. (And their logo is pretty dope too.)

Download this baby for free from bandcamp, or leave a tip, whatever you’d like. Either way, get to know these artists, because they’re obviously in the upper echelon of the experimental tape label genre. Maybe there’s a Tabs Out feature in the future. And hey, Sparkling Wide Pressure – Murfreesboro, Tennessee, represent! (My brother lives there, as does my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and soon my parents as well.) So, who’s gonna be PHI002? My guess is gonna be Summons of Shining Ruins, because I like their name.


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