Crate-Digging: Various Artists – EVIL

(Deathbomb Arc, 2014)

“Here at Deathbomb Arc, we consider economic systems designed to keep the majority of people in debt the most evil of all.”

So goes the manifesto. And EVIL is born. The record EVIL, not the evil evil, because evil evil has always been here. EVIL exists to combat evil, in a super specific way, a concrete, tangible way. EVIL exists to help, actually, to benefit Rolling Jubilee, an organization that purchases debt for pennies on the dollar and forgives it. Think about that – debt just disappears, just like that. How many corporations are interested in forgiving debt? Isn’t that what corporations are built on – keeping everybody in some kind of debt?

Those corporations – you know how it works, right? How 1 percent of Earth’s population has 90 percent of its wealth? (Let’s call that a data paraphrase.) Isn’t that kind of fucked up? There’s so much wealth and power and control concentrated in the hands of so few… That 1 percent doesn’t care at all (with few exceptions). It’s amazing anyone’s best interests anywhere are considered in the slightest.

And they’re not really, because look at what still goes down. Sex trafficking during the Super Bowl? Really? Isn’t that a form of, I dunno, slavery? I’m pretty sure this is 2014, not 1840. (Or 1740, or 1640, or 1540 … you get it.) Who is that targeted toward? How about the fracking process of natural gas that contributes to lining the pockets of energy moguls – think they care if tap water is flammable? And the housing crisis caused by ambitious but short-sighted banks – plowing the middle class under because greed knows no bounds.

These are just cherrypicked examples, but the amount of evil that happens every day is staggering. Rolling Jubilee’s debt forgiveness is the tip of an ever-growing debt iceberg, and they need help. As of today, March 5, 2014, they have raised $701,317, and with it abolished $14,734,569.87 in debt. That’s staggering. They are truly a light in the darkness. They stand to combat the evil of a corrupt system, and those at the helm of that system. But they’re doing it peacefully, working within that system to make our society a better place. God bless ’em.

Right, so EVIL – it’s a great comp, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Rolling Jubilee. Some amazing music on here – I’ve never heard of diss1 before, but I’m going to search for him now. Boo Hiss is amazing. There’s an exclusive Black Pus tune. Signor Benedick the Moor and True Neutral Crew BRING IT, as always. Satiate your hunger for noise with cuts by Dreamcrusher and Sissy Cobb. The whole thing is conceptualized around the idea of evil, its many manifestations, in the interest of bringing it to its knees.

RIYL: Real DBA Hip Hop, Sucka; Sticking It to the Man; Helping the Average Human Being


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