On Shuffle: Multiple Man – Guilt Culture [7"]


(Detonic Recordings, 2014)

New label alert! Here’s release 001 from Detonic Recordings out of Australia, and I’m not sure how better to announce your style than this. The label was formed and is run by mnttaB’s Dik (whom we covered righty here on this li’l blog), and Multiple Man follows in Dik’s stylistic footsteps. Their dark, post-punky synthwave stylings are right up Dik’s alley, if a little less batshit insane than the mainsHum EP.

“Guilt Culture” flails about like Dylan Ettinger at a home Indiana game where his precious Hoosiers are down by 30 to Purdue at the half. It’s gut-churningly aggro, and as mood music it would certainly be a divisive choice to a room full of anyone who didn’t have an innate love for Suicide. “Boiling Down” starts side B off right – it’s danceable in a Charlie Brown Christmas in black sort of way (you know, with the hunched shoulders and head bobbing, but with feet nailed to the spot), and who’s gonna argue with that? Think of it this way: it’s as close as Multiple Man is probably going to get to writing car chase music for a bad action film. Preferably set in Australia.

The 7-inch ends on a somewhat upbeat note, as another instrumental synther – “Youth Forever” – wraps in a more fist-in-the-sky sort of Breakfast Club ending type way. The chords resolve nicer, there’s maybe a little less black leather involved, and there’s a genuine lightness that any self-respecting goth would reject in a heartbeat. Fortunately, I’m not a goth. And while I have my soft spot for how “Guilt Culture” goads listeners into being even more morose than they likely were before listening, I’m partial to the B-sides here.

All in all, Multiple Man’s “Guilt Culture” is a solid start for Detonic – I’m psyched to see what’s next from the label, and from Multiple Man. Is it just me, or do they have a really great name? I don’t know why it strikes me. Anyway, grip that 7-inch, son!

RIYL: Suicide, Chromelodeon, Yakuza Heart Attack, Dylan Ettinger


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