On Shuffle: Workin' Man Noise Unit – "Yellow Mind"

 yellow mind

(Blow the Reactors, 2014)


Reading, England, is what, a shithole? I don’t know the answer to that – I’ve never been there. (Reading, that is, not England. I’ve been to England.) I think Workin’ Man Noise Unit want you to believe it’s a shithole. Dudes have thrashed out two indubitably badass cassettes filled with ugly, stinking, raucous tunes, Drinkin’ Stella to Make Music to Drink Stella to (2012) (yeah, they went there with the title) and Serious Power Hour (2012), both covered in our very first podcast episode! I hesitate to link to it – we were newbies back then…

We pretty much heralded WMNU as saviors of noise rock. They have yet to disappoint.

Anyhoo, 2014 brings the first new release since then, the “Yellow Mind” 7”, and guess what? It picks up right where we left our heroes in 2012. And if you’ve gotten this far thinking that WMNU is some kind of unholy utility company, make no mistake about it: if you’ve got kneecaps, the boys from Reading are here to bash them with tire irons. Metaphorically of course – they’re bustin’ knees with musical tire irons. “Yellow Mind” is just as pissed (both the American and English definitions of the word) and rowdy as its predecessors, and it comes on gross yellow vinyl. That’s the best. It’s fist-swingin’, ass-kickin’ bar rock, but shot through with loathing for everyone and everything around it. It’s a tune that’s puking by the end of its night.

mega-cassette-optThat’s not the only good news! Drinkin’ Stella (side A) and Serious Power Hour (side B) are now available again in cassette form, this time as the “mega cassette.” Check the image for the absolute brilliance of the design. And buy “Yellow Mind” while you can – there are only 500 available, so hop to it!

So here’s another power tool for power drinkers – I’m pretty sure you’re shitting your pants by the end of it.

RIYL: The Men, Pissed Jeans, The Jesus Lizard, Killdozer


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