On Shuffle 2014 Record Store Day Edition: Deerhoof & Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – Split 7”


(Northern Spy, 2014)

I’m really happy this whole Record Store Day (Saturday, April 19) thing is still happening, because I’d feel really guilty if any bad vibes about it knocked a mom and pop store or two out of business. Celebrate I say – record stores are awesome (even if there aren’t ANY near me), and I miss their ubiquity so.

But have you seen the list of releases? There’s a lot of … questionable items for sale to the diehard collector. Shall I saunter home with a copy of Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax Vol. 4 under my arm, or a King’s of Leon 7”? Maybe Slipknot’s Vol. 3, which I guess is the third reissue of their first album? Impossible to know for sure, but it’s clear vinyl, so it’s a must buy. How about the “exclusive [cassette] format for the new Skrillex release,” Recess? …Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!

Those are easy targets, I know. And it’s not all garbage. But if you’re really hankerin’ to spend your hard-earned cash on a slab o’ vinyl on Saturday, I’m here to give you a suggestion. You like crazy guitar quirk splattered all over your eardrums? Well I like the cut of your jib there, sailor, so here’s the deal – Deerhoof is pairing up with Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog for a split 7”! Yes, that Marc Ribot, the one that was in the Lounge Lizards! I know, right? (I don’t know who Deerhoof is – Ribot plays on their song anyways, so there’s the point of entry.)

I’m just playin’, Deerhoof! I know you’re the side project for that Hand to Man Band dude, the one that wasn’t in fIREHOSE.

Regardless, this split 7-inch is totally worth your time. Side A, like I said, is a Deerhoof tune for which Ribot recorded some extra guitar, and made the song way better. It used to be called “Qui Dorm, Només Somia” before it got Ribotized, and it’s called “Who Sleeps, Only Dreams” now, because this is America. And Ribot’s Ceramic Dog shreds (like, duh) on the B-side, “Hide with Me.” It’s electrifying, the performance. If you haven’t checked those guys out yet, you really should. (The drummer is from Secret Chiefs 3! So cool!)

Limited to 1,000 copies though! Get one, then sell it on eBay.

Who am I kidding, this is too good to sell. Rock it long, rock it hard. Play it for your kids in twenty years.

What, the America thing? Obamacare is killing record stores. It’s a fact, look it up. Happy Record Store Day!

RIYL: Deerhoof, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog


6 responses to “On Shuffle 2014 Record Store Day Edition: Deerhoof & Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – Split 7”

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  2. The bass player (or Moog or whatever he’s doing on this track) was in SC3 also – the first time I saw Secret Chiefs they were the rhythm section, and it was amazing. And when I heard they were going to be the rhythm section in Marc Ribot’s then-new band I think I squee-ed a little.


  3. hi sarah, thanks for reading! yeah, that’s pretty great – sc3 involvement is definitely squee-able. i like that we’re turning “squee” into a verb here, too.

    hope you had a great record store day! (and easter.)


  4. bummer! i know that as of yesterday evening, graveface records in savannah, georgia, still had at least one copy of it. dunno if you live anywhere near there, but if not, it might be worth a call…


  5. Nowhere near there, unfortunately. I’m in Boston metro. I do have a couple of leads on copies so I will chase those down and hope for the best. 🙂


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