The Critical Masses Podcast – The Lost Quiz Show

Quiz Show

The Lost Quiz Show


Hey, did you miss us? The podcast us, I mean. Obviously, we were still posting exciting and informative online articles since the last time you heard our voices. We’re good like that.

Speaking of being told that we’re exciting and informative, I find it really odd the amount of spam comments that get directed specifically at one post in our repertoire: Passenger Peru’s self-titled album. I don’t get it – why that album? Is it the dinosaur cover? Is it the fact that “Peru” is in the name? Are there a lot of Internet spammers based in Peru? I have no idea. I’m waiting for the day, though, when one of the spammers identifies him/herself as “Best Penis Max Gentleman” – then I’ll know that my hotmail filters are directing everyone to Passenger Peru.

It’s a conspiracy.

Hey, this is a lost episode, recorded months ago. Fear not – our hiatus will be over soon, hopefully. Plans are in the works. Big plans. Have fun with us.

My favorite part of this podcast is when Evan suggests that Burger King was keeping Nelson Mandela alive.

…Too soon?


The Critical Masses Podcast logo by John Newcomer (Twitter: @thejohnisjohn)


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