On Shuffle: Opal Onyx – “Personal” [video premiere]

David recently reviewed Opal Onyx’s new album Delta Sands here on your friendly neighborhood music website, and he was quite enamored with it, as were we all here at CM HQ. Its Mazzy Star–meets–Julee Cruise gorgeosity (I made that word up for impact) resonated with us weirdo snobs something fierce, and truth be told we couldn’t stop spinning it even after the review went up. (Well, I can speak for me and probably David, but the rest of the CM “we” were most likely reading comic books. I’m looking at you, Chris. And probably John.)

But thankfully, Opal Onyx have given us another reason to spill nice words about them, with their new video for “Personal,” a number driven by acoustic guitar and cello (together, as usual, like freaking peanut butter and chocolate, am I right you guys?) and the haunting voice of Sarah Nowicki. It’s emblematic of Delta Sands in all the best ways, full of nostalgia and heartache, hope and longing, and wrung through the David Lynch songbook of weird beauty.

And that’s just the song! The images were recorded and displayed here with a worn look and appeal, and they add to the lived-in quality of the music. The jerky hand-held video shown when the camera isn’t focused on Nowicki or Mathew Robinson hunkered over his cello depicts the duo in various home-movie-style settings, and the combination of the somber neo-folkiness of the tune and the visuals recalls warm old houses and old film reels in boxes under beds, periodically and lovingly dusted off and projected on a blank wall. I kind of want to wrap myself up in this video like a blanket curl up in front of a fire place. I think I’d probably break the screen if I tried that though.

Get used to the idea that Opal Onyx is likely the heir presumptive to the Lynch music empire, such as it is. Delta Sands is a dreamy collection of alternate-reality radio hits made specifically for the Black Lodge or the Road House or One Eyed Jack’s, or even any number of other non–Twin Peaks locales. Make sure you spin that record once or twice a day. And enjoy “Personal” – it’s, shall we say, a personal favorite of mine. (I’ll show myself out.)



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