Crate-Digging Quick Takes: Crashfaster – Superchroma EP


(Monobomb, 2014)

You know those times when you’re urgently craving some type of music, and nothing else will do? You really need something new and funky to bob your head to while surfing aimlessly through Failblog or Cracked or some such nonsense. Or maybe you just want to dance, if you’re… into that…

Anyway, you’re sifting through your music library, and nothing is jumping out at you. You’ve heard the latest Daft Punk album enough times to last you a lifetime (not really, but it seems that way in the moment), there’s still no new AWOLnation music out there, and you’ve exhausted every other known option. You need something great and fresh and it needs a great rhythm and lots of bass, and you don’t want to clog your library’s arteries with a bunch of mediocre electro-pop bands who’ve mistaken owning a drum machine for having talent. If this is or has ever been you, I’ve got some great news.

Ladies and gents, I present to you: Crashfaster! The newest addition to your already magnificent stables of dance bands!

I received my first taste of Crashfaster when I viewed the cover art for their latest EP, Superchroma, while waiting for the MP3 to download; it was a delirious flurry of in-your-face neon the likes of which I hadn’t seen since I deleted my Myspace account in the mid-2000s. I had an uncomfortable feeling that this could either be very interesting or very terrible.

Fortunately, my fears were allayed almost immediately after pressing “play” on the opening track, a funky beauty by the name of “Photograph.” Traces of Neon Indian and LCD Soundsystem abound throughout the song, and a vocal part to rival the very best Arcade Fire; but there’s something else in there as well. Something a bit fresher, a bit more frenzied. The two vocalists complement each other wonderfully, especially during the chorus. Definitely a song any mixtape should be proud to include. Unless it’s, like, a mixtape of Gregorian chants or something.

And happily, it didn’t stop at the first song. The press release referred to “GO!” as “one of the best crafted dance singles of this year,” which I thought seemed a little cocky when I first read it; but hey, if you’ve got the goods, you might as well flaunt them, and “GO!” turned out to be just what it said on the package. With each new song came a new beautiful little nugget of sound. “Goodbye” is much more in the realm of punk, whereas “Tonight” and especially “Hi” are much more polished dance pieces.

I don’t know that I’d call the EP “cohesive” per se, but it is an excellent collection of musical gems, any—or all—of which a music lover (like yourself, you handsome and/or beautiful reader) would be more than happy to have in his or her collection. To those of you who’ve been craving a fresh batch of great electronic songs with and some smooth beats… Superchroma’s a mere four bucks on Bandcamp. Special Agent Dale Cooper once said, “Once a day, every day, give yourself a present.” That is incredibly wise advice. Today, why not make a gift to yourself with a bunch of sweet tunes?

RIYL: Chvrches, Braids, Bibio, Neon Indian


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