On Shuffle: Peace Arrow – "Can't Sleep" [video]

Hall and Oates. Simon and Garfunkel. Loggins and Messina, Jake and Elwood. … Mitch and Kenzie. Duos, man – all it takes is two people sometimes to make some crazy, catchy, or flat-out brilliant tunes. It’s easy, too, for a duo to dissolve – one person goes one way, the other can simply go a different direction. Divergence. There’s probably some sort of quantum physical reference I can make here, but I’m coming up empty. It would likely sound silly and misinformed. I’d be crucified in the comments section and on Facebook and Twitter. I’m incredibly sensitive to those things.

Where was I? Divergent duos – certainly the possibility exists that we the listeners are actually the winners in breakup scenarios, in that we’ll get two discographies where once there was only one. But of course, that doesn’t take into account that half of each duo listed above turned out to be Garfunkel, or Oates, or Messina. Or hell, even Elwood – not that he had anything to do with the divergence, but Blues Brothers 2000 does exist, so he’s to blame for something, somehow.

So what does that mean for us, here, now? Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke of Hear Hums have also gone their separate ways, now that Mitch has relocated from Gainesville, Florida, to the Big Apple. Does that mean he’s the Hall or the Oates of the situation? And is that fair to Kenzie Cooke, whose post–Hear Hums work I’ve yet to even experience? Maybe she’s the Paul Simon here, Mitch, did you ever think of that? Huh?

All this speculation is a totally huge red herring, and my musings have nothing to do with this video – it’s a long-winded way of saying that Mitch is pretty focused on his Peace Arrow project now. And I love me some Peace Arrow – I made it pretty clear, in fact, on July 15, 2013, how I feel about Peace Arrow. Remind yourself.

And “Can’t Sleep,” Mitch’s first single and new video for upcoming album Out Of (which I’m pretty excited about, having heard of it a mere thirty seconds ago), continues the meditative reveries his sort-of self-titled debut introduced. (The up/down arrows served as the “self-titled” self-titledness.) Effects, piano hits, Mitch’s voice, all are compiled in a bedroom post-rock fever-dream landscape, where restless wandering is the only existence. See, there are lights, and water, and a piano, and other fleeting images here. They’re a slam dunk for the mood, like LeBron-on-Kobe in front of the home crowd in Miami. (LeBron’s not on Miami anymore? God, I am so bad at these basketball similes! It’s like I shouldn’t even try. I don’t even like basketball.)

Can’t wait for Out Of either? Well, you can score “Can’t Sleep” from Mitch’s Soundcloud too. Hang on, I’ll embed it below.

RIYL: The Microphones, Black Eagle Child, Sigur Rós, Sean McCann, Mark McGuire


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