Quick Take: Deathbomb Arc news!

You may have missed some big news this weekend, what with the whole Mad Season (with Chris Cornell subbing on vocals for the still-deceased Layne Staley) / Temple of the Dog reunion show with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. (No “Hunger Strike,” reunion doesn’t count.) The last Mad Season concert happened in 1995, and that was nineteen years ago. Coincidentally (or not, depending on your definition of “coincidentally”), just two years after that final Mad Season performance, in 1997, a little record label called Deathbomb Arc opened its doors. Yesterday, February 1, 2015, marked its seventeenth anniversary.

I’m not going to pretend I’ve been on board since the beginning – I was a freshman in college in 1997, and it was only a couple of years ago that I really started digging into what label head Brian Miller was slingin’. But I’m still pretty psyched when any news comes out of the camp. Yesterday, we had news! I’ll quickly recap – new tapes from Abdu Ali (rap genius from Baltimore) as well as physical manifestations (finally) from True Neutral Crew (#MONSANTO, #POPPUNK). And a new Deathbomb T-shirt! You know it’s on when we start posting here about T-shirts.

And check out No Children, the new comp – I haven’t listened to it yet (sorry, America), but, uh, who isn’t stoked for that True Neutral Crew/The Soft Pink Truth collab? I’m going to listen to that first. Peep it up top, I’ve embedded it here from one of the, like, fifty entries on the DBA bandcamp.

Happy seventeenth, Deathbomb! Here’s to the next seventeen.


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