Crate-Digging: Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry

Go No Go

(Field Hymns, 2015; originally released on Graveyard Orbit in 2006)

Finally, somebody gets me. Go No Go For Launch and I are on totally the same wavelength here. Neither one of us takes science (or science fiction) too terribly seriously – I think we’re all agreed that we’re spinning endlessly out of control on this planet, and sooner or later, once the universe starts contracting (or whatever it’s going to do when it reaches the end of its expansion, if it ever does), we’re all going to perish in a vortex of physics madness. Poof, we’ll be gone. Let’s just freaking dance until that happens! Somebody get Neil deGrasse Tyson another cocktail, he’s looking low.

With my penchant for space funkiness firmly noted, and my intention to get Neil deGrasse Tyson solidly wasted while listening to Go No Go For Launch now readily apparent as well, let’s bug out on this crazy tape, ’K? I don’t know much about the artist(s) behind the GNGFL curtain, but let’s just say that dude/those dudes (“dude” is gender neutral here, people) know his/her/their way around synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, laptops, what have you. The band even pegs themselves as “pure, shamless [they probably mean “shameless,” but shamless works too], toe-tapping dance-pop,” and boy are they not kidding in even the slightest! Imagine a world where The Octopus Project smashed their tour van into IAYD’s Gameboy and nobody lived to talk about it, but they were able to form a supergroup and get signed to alternate-universe tape label Hymn Fields, where they promptly released a limited edition of 75 pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes and piped those through a black hole to our universe. Imagine it! Do it!

There are no vocals on this bad boy, so we get the gist through samples and song titles, and we here at Critical Masses can assure you that by simply perusing the tracklist, you know what you’re in for. Why do you think I want NdGTyson at my party? Because of track 1, “Nasa Channel Party, My House, Be There!,” which suggests the dopest kind of party ever, a science party! And the leads on it are straight John Hughes nostalgia trips – the higher ups are away, and Houston, let’s play. Or something like that. But “I Wanna Be McGuyver” happens here too, and it’s pretty much the greatest alternate-universe McGuyver theme song ever. It transitions into “Robocalypse,” which opens with what is clearly a robot intoning, “There is no escape, there is no surrender, the robocalypse is happening now,” before careening headlong into a SEGA Genesis shooter. It’s the precursor to Flight of the Conchords’ classic “Robots,” for sure – “The humans are dead!”

But I think what ended up selling me completely on Re-Entry was “Make It So (Kirk the Intergalactic Space Pimp.” Read that title again, and tell me it isn’t awesome. First, “Make it so” is a Picard quote, which adds an extra layer of goofiness to the proceedings, and it’s catnip for a geek like me to call out that shit. Then, one of my favorite Star Trek conversations is sampled – Spock and Kirk, from IV: The Voyage Home, discuss colorful metaphors, including “Double dumbass on you,” which Kirk has just shouted to a cab that almost runs him down as he crosses the street. Finally, the dance-off begins, which has nothing to do with Star Trek but is straight pimpin’, thus uniting the elements of the song’s title in a glorious supernova of cheesy goodness.

Does that sound like it’s something you’d be into? Wanna get wasted, watch retro TV, and dance until we all collapse into a quantum singularity? Do you laugh uncontrollably when someone says “double dumbass on you” to you? (Or, do you throw that phrase around willy nilly like it never went out of style?) Go No Go For Launch is for you then, friend, and you’re welcome in advance.

RIYL: Oxykitten, The Octopus Project, Yves Malone, The Go! Team, IAYD


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