On Shuffle: Point Being – “Degustation” / “Troppo” [double B-side 7”]

Point Being

(Mystic Olympic, 2015)

If this slab of wax means anything to you, then let’s talk. Let’s have a beer, perhaps even two. Let’s discuss why this is important right now, why four people from Sydney, Australia, Earth, of all places, matters in any way. Sure, they cut a record, a double b-sider – the BALLS on them! – meaning only two songs (well, three, if you count “Heavy Weather” from their Soundcloud, and I FUCKIN DON’T) have seen the light of day. And yet here I am, spilling the ol’ digital ink because these two songs, “Degustation” and “Troppo,” have shredded my face for the six minutes total they’ve managed to exist. I could press play again, and they’ll exist for six minutes more, and maybe my face will be equally shredded. We shall see, Point Being, we shall see…

So, on with it. I’m going to run down a quick list of why the credibility of this band matters, and why you should pay attention. Cred point 1: the 7” is on Sydney’s Mystic Olympic Records, which put out the Unity Floors/Chook Race split 7” that I was so fond of, and is also run by Unity Floors’ (this generation’s Pavement? Let’s find out…) Gus Hunt. Cred point 2: this is straight-up slash-and-burn guitar-driven rock and roll – although let’s call it indie rock for this brief moment to help our other, less-informed listeners place it better. There? Good. Cred point 3: the singer (either one of the Nicks or Max, but not Liza, because it’s a boy) does these John Lydon inflections sometimes that I like. Or like the singer from Baltimore’s Wilderness – how’s that for connecting weird dots! Oh, what’s this? Minus one cred point for Max being a music writer. Stick to something that’s not stupid, OK? Like this 7” thing. You’re doing great, there, Max.

You can still get “Degustation” / “Troppo” of course. That’s my prescription for the blues – buy, buy, buy! Keep one, give two away. Or online auction them, what do I care, I’m not your dad.

RIYL: Unity Floors, Chook Race, LVL UP, Geronimo!


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