On Shuffle: Signior Benedick the Moor & True Neutral – “When the Song Is Done”


Top five speculative reasons the Signior Benedick the Moor / True Neutral tour was cancelled:

  1. They couldn’t get a gig in Jacksonville, Florida. Rather than skip it on their way through the south, they decided to postpone the entire tour until they and the city could work it out. All for little old me.
  2. Deathbomb Arc anniversary t-shirts were sold out, and instead of go merch-less across the country, they wanted to print a new batch. Sadly, the manufacturer, to whom the owed a huge favor (I won’t get into it here), turned their headquarters into a giant battle robot and began its training to defend our planet against alien invaders. T-shirts forthcoming… sometime.
  3. SB and TN have been signed! To Sub Pop alongside best buds clipping.! Or to Interscope alongside best buds Limp Bizkit! Or to the Monsanto/Universal Group, because double middle fingers to everybody! And they’re about to hit the studio with Sean Combs to record their debut album, because heck yeah!
  4. Signior Benedick the Moor has been cast in Star Wars spinoff Rogue One! Brian Miller has been cast in Avengers: Infinity War! Daveed Diggs has been cast in NCIS: New Orleans!
  5. Somebody trolled the Deathbomb tumblr hard when Brian fell asleep at the keyboard.

Or none of the above! My guess is they really just needed to focus on getting “When the Song Is Done” out there, to you, adoring masses. I’m all for it. It continues the TNC brand of spooky rap, angry, weird, and nerdy, which of course is the best kind of spooky rap. On this one there’s no god, a pile of Scrooge McDuck cash to roll around in, and killer verses by Brian, Daveed, and Benedick (or, er, Christian). All in less than three minutes. I can only imagine this song sounds perfect with the added visuals of the live setup with the crazy puppets. C’mon, guys, please let the reason for the tour cancellation be number 1, above? (Or number 3. That’ll do too.)

For funsies, also check out “Squad Up,” with assistance from Drew Daniel’s The Soft Pink Truth, released on the No Children comp, a song I should’ve written about but didn’t for some reason.


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