On Shuffle: Power Pill Fist – “Root Ball” [video]

Can you imagine requesting “Root Down” by the Beastie Boys at a club, or something, and the DJ throws on Power Pill Fist’s “Root Ball” instead? “By accident”? I sure can, because I’m writing this, and I have to. I think it would be chaos. At least in the requester’s head.

Me? Nah. I’m one of the lucky 100 who preordered Power Pill Fist’s new 7-years-in-the-making cassette Werebeard, out August 4 on the spectacular tape label I, Absentee. I’d be absolutely ready for this kind of shakedown should it play over any PA system in my vicinity. The bass-heavy gutter electronics duct taped together for this track are perfect for any midnight car ride, blazing down country roads fifteen, twenty, thirty miles over the speed limit. “Root Ball” is delightfully daredevil, and dangerously catchy. It’s particularly insidious in that it probably subliminally suggests you crash the car you’re driving in. I should know – I’m upside down in a ditch typing this from my iPhone. Don’t worry, I’m OK.

I should have this beauty of a tape in my hands by the time you read this. In fact, my hands are actually quaking with anticipation right now, such is the agony of the wait! I’ll get over it. Fist, whose real name is Ken Fec, hasn’t scored a hit since 2008’s criminally underappreciated (by criminals, I mean) Kongmanivong, released on the inimitable Graveface Records. So you see? The wait has been long, my friends. “Root Ball” is tiding me over though – I’m listening to it a bunch of times. (Plus, I got the advance download, so there.)

For those in the know, PPF has been a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and that is a badge of honor. He’s also the cousin of Tom Fec, AKA Tobacco. As such, video images of horror, death, and destruction are nothing new for PPF, and the video for “Root Ball” exhibits them in spades, stringing together scenes of b/w classic horror (and other things made to look like classic horror, like Aronofsky’s Pi). The timing in each scene is manipulated, so that the images move forward for a second, then reverse and cut to a new image, so that you’re constantly off balance. (The Pi scene where Maximilian Cohen drills his head in the mirror is particularly entertaining – drill goes in, drill goes out, drill goes in, drill goes out…) Add the creep electro of the song, and you’ve got a magically raucous video with barely any effort. (Although I certainly can’t comment on the actual effort that went into this – let’s just say, it all looks effortless.)

And now, Werebeard August 4! How many tapes are left? Get one!



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