Crate-Digging: And There Stand Empires – III


(Damnatio Memoriae Records [LP]; self-released [digital], 2015)

Good Morning All,

Son number one is at school, wife is taking a much needed break from momming, and son number two is watching some educational children’s program that is slowly sucking out my will to live. But, I am here, caffeinating and writing for you before I go off to the wonderful world of retail! Did I mention the air conditioner repair man is on the way and I have a meeting about life insurance tomorrow?

Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.  (Except for the whole husband/dad thing, that’s pretty sweet)

My first band in junior high was really bad. We really wanted to be pop punk superstars. We never made it out of the drummer’s basement. However, the drummer (who stuck with me during all my punk, hardcore, folk, power pop, alt-country phases) was really, really good. He was all into prog rock, metal, math rock, etc. He was talking about syncopation, timing signature changes in the middle of songs, and I was just trying to keep up with the four chords in “Dammit.”

Well, for the love of my old drummer I share with you And There Stand Empires and their new album III. My three chord brain is being obliterated by the unreal assault of talent, syncopation, and musical diversity. Remember when you used to tell your music teacher and your mom that rock and roll and metal musicians were just as classical composers and jazz players? Remember how the scoffed at you? Send them III.

This lyric free masterpiece from these Tulsa shredders soars through the room with a variety of guitars, piano, synths, and amazing percussion (Props to that guy. I know the crappy musicians that guy had to play with before he landed here).  This album refuses to be defined by a single genre. The songs are long, but filled with enough tempo and style changes to entertain the ADD brain. If you ever wished your indie put out more instrumental stuff, this record should be on its way to your house.

While good for the MP3 shuffle world, it’s worth a listen from front to back. You’ll really appreciate how much effort was put into making this record as a whole. This is a great record for all nighters, long trips, or just getting in the cubicle after lunch.

III will remind you that even if you aren’t living out your pubescent rock’n’roll dream you’re still more than a silly top 40 desk jockey.

Enjoy, and keep on rocking!


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