Crate-Digging Quick Takes: Temple Volant – Nouveau Monde

temple volant

(Speaker Footage, 2015)

The future is now! That’s what I say and that’s what goes, because I’ve got this Temple Volant jawn pumping through my speakers, and there’s no way I can say otherwise. You want IDM? You got IDM, and this time, it’s personal. Speaker Footage, nascent Danish label and sister of Phinery, seems to have a knack for tracking down these types of releases in the early going, the ones that stretch and flow and make wide the expanse into the next generation of electronic artists – no, make that the next level of human existence. Can I get a hyperbole in here or what?

Yep, the future is now, and Temple Volant’s Nouveau Monde – that’s “new world” for those of you who’ve shrugged off Mother Europe’s mantle for some unknown reason – leads the way, ushering in a period of transcendence following the ritual immolation of the entire planet. And why not? Who’s to say we’re all not just a bunch of phoenixes ready to rise from our own ashes and enter into a period of extended harmony? Well, besides the men and women of science, I guess, for whom metaphor is a clumsy nuisance in the face of observed truth. Whatever, guys, I say we all burn to shine.

Without saying it in words, Temple Volant (actually Sami Blanco Nacomi from Montreal – look, research!) crafts an electronic poem written in EQ screen pulses, filled with eternal imagery like souls flying through stars, “& stars are yours,” “flying flowers,” “slow burns into … wood,” and “lunar magic.” OK, maybe there are words, but they’re part of the poem listed on the album’s Bandcamp page – there aren’t any words in the songs themselves. But the sentiment remains – romance of the spirit, soaring above obstacles, eternal freedom. Newness, becoming. The process of spiritual – maybe even physical – transformation laid naked and visible. What’s happening in those Speaker Footage offices, and in that Montreal atmosphere?

Make no mistake, and I run the risk of repeating myself way too much, the future is incredibly, undoubtedly, unremittingly here right flipping now. Watch for it in your mailbox, when this tape arrives. Listen for it in your headphones when these MP3s course through your iPhone. Even smell for it when you inhale the deep crispness of this autumn season, wherever you are, and you nod your head as the music pumps through your blood and infiltrates your bones. Dance music is not for clubs anymore – it’s for thinkers and doers of great deeds. Electronic music is not for the Internet anymore – it’s for the world, external, so get out in it.

RIYL: Oval, Dalhous, Mind Dynamics, Khotin


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