Quick Trips: MONOL!TH / God Walk – MONOL!TH / God Walk split

monolith_god walk

(GYM, 2015)

MONOL​!​TH, all caps, with an exclamation point, who we’ve covered in these pages before, is truly the sonic equivalent to Arthur C. Clarke’s giant extraterrestrial black slab that appears throughout human history in 2001. Maybe that’s what MONOL​!​TH is going for, and if that’s the case, then bravo, sir. The synthesizer explorations on MONOL​!​TH’s half of the split are as dense as heavy metals compressed in the center of a black hole. Maybe MONOL​!​TH has seen Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar a bunch of times (like me!) and is deriving inspiration from the physics of stellar life cycles. Either way, I think MONOL​!​TH is going for a cinematic scope, there’s no way around it. The result is a gorgeousness that comes from the dance of molecules as they are dispersed, stripped, rearranged, and condensed under great pressure. You don’t have to go further than the magnificent seven-minute opener “Black Sand” to get the gist, although you should absolutely immerse yourself in the entirety of MONOL​!​TH’s side.

God Walk is new to me, and I’m glad I’ve discovered the project. God Walk’s side is almost the opposite spectrum of instrumental and experimental electronics as MONOL​!​TH’s, in that where side A is a total synth zoner for space travel, side B is way more Earth-bound, reveling in the mystical landscape of culture and nature. “Glyph” is the perfect example of the vibe throughout. Think of it as Edenic, if you will – take “God Walk” the name and superimpose the idea of it onto the planet before humans screwed it all up. It’s a gorgeous, meditative place where you can get lost in your own thoughts. The music is ritualistic and reverent, befitting both human experience of nature and a higher power’s creative acumen. It also might represent something like Avatar’s Pandora too, for all I know. I really fucking hope not.

All this noise is courtesy of GYM, a label based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don’t know if they have deep-space telescopes there or if there’s just enough of a break from light pollution that the cosmos puts on a nightly show, but these good folks sure know a thing or two about sci-fi synth music and otherworldly experimentalism. Maybe they’re just a bunch of aliens who have settled here on Earth and have assimilated to our way of life. Chalk this release up to experience, then.

RIYL: Vangelis, Bastian Void, Adderall Canyonly, High Wolf, Black Zone Myth Chant


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