The hiatus is here! The hiatus is real!


It’s time, everybody. I’ve been writing about music for Critical Masses for over five years. I’ve written about a lot of great records over that time. But since I’ve been the only full-time writer/editor/showrunner here for a good percentage of the latter half of that period, I feel like it’s time to move on and do some other things before I repeat myself into a black hole. I fear I already have.

Don’t give up all hope – I’ll still write for #CASSETTEGODS because it’s fun and there’s less personal commitment. I’ll still post everything I write on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ll interact with you as much as you want. In fact, bands, labels, continue to toss your submissions my way – I’ll write about every cassette release, and maybe even periodic non-cassette ones. DM us on Facebook, or email us at

It’s been an awesome pleasure interacting with all of you, and I don’t expect that to change too much, especially on social media. So stay in touch, and if anybody else has a hankering to write anything around here, you’re always welcome.

To be clear, I reserve the right to post here whenever. I may already have something brewing.


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