On Shuffle – Jepeto Solutions – “Jepeto Solutions” 7″


(Nicey Music, 2017)

From the ashes of CE Schneider Topical (and I guess Blanche Blanche Blanche if you want to get technical) rises the grand phoenix that is Jepeto Solutions! Ripping off clichés from, like, Rolling Stone and Spin—probablyis the best way to introduce you to this Brooklyn freak-pop crew. Controversy! Intrigue! Headlines! But no, there is none of that, just the next phase in an ever-shifting career from headmasters Christina Schneider and Zach Phillips, formerly of the late, great OSR Tapes and purveyors of unending sugar rushes of musical output. It’s like this gang does nothing but overindulge in their collective sweet tooth until their bellies are full, then they puke it all back out in a rainbow explosion of wondrous sound. This is metaphorical puke, mind you, not metaphorical sound. That part’s all too real.

With childlike abandon, this group of friends doesn’t just hang out at each other’s houses, playing in sandboxes or swinging on swingsets (although the slide is quite overused); on the contrary, they like making songs together, holing up in studios and basements, or basement studios – or, I dunno, phone booths? – and whipping together concoctions of breezy pop. Like the aforementioned groups that now lay in ashes surrounding the feet of our mighty phoenix hero Jepeto Solutions, Jepeto Solutions (I could have written that better) presses record and slings out the indie vibes while barely breaking a sweat. But you know these probably aren’t outdoor kids, preferring those dank basements and patch cords and clavinets and whammy bars and Tascams to the gross heat of summer (except for slide breaks). They probably don’t know how to sweat!

Too much tunage in the blood acts as a natural coolant, so my doctor says, and I’ve thus been prescribed this lovely 7-inch record, because I tend to run hot, and I can take it in doses of as little as ten minutes if I only play the whole thing once. And man if it doesn’t get me smilin’ like an old cat up in a tree, an imaginary self-aware cartoon one that taunts with riddles and whatnot in a nineteenth-century English accent. I smile because the music is smiling, because Jepeto Solutions is smiling, and dang it all if four songs isn’t the best intro you can make for a group like this. The silvery lining to this puke-rainbow jamboree – a silvery lining among a whole record of silvery linings, because you don’t need something bad for that additional glimmer of positivity – is that there are probably a bunch more songs where these came from, probably incubating on magnetic tape or in Pro Tools or in Kurt Weisman’s flute, all in various stages of readiness for our expectant ears. Let’s not wait too long with those, ’kay?


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