On Shuffle – Police Control – “Sentimental EP” 7”

(Gone with the Weed / Juvenile Delinquent, 2017)

It’s not remotely a bad thing when one of your blatant influences is the Dandy Warhols via the Rolling Stones, as Police Control prove on “Question De Survie,” the second track off their debut 7-inch EP Sentimental. Pepper that influence with a healthy dose of melodic chops and songwriting acumen and you’ve got something like a hit song on your hands, you little chickadees. Make that four hit songs, because what the Parisian duo of Dorothée and Mathis are capable of doing over the course of about eleven minutes is nothing short of show-stoppingly catchy. Imagine cramming handfuls of Haribo Gold Bears or Happy Cola into your meatus acusticus externus. Police Control likewise make with the ear candy.

“It sounds a lot bigger than two people recording in a room” (T. Scott, Noisey AUS/NZ). Yeah buddy, it sounds like the Rolling bloody Stones recording in a room (I already mentioned them, but here they are again), but singing in French, which is way better than singing in English anyway because that way I don’t have to be annoyed with the lyrics. I can be blissfully ignorant! Blissful being the exact operative word here, because there really isn’t anything to do other than pogo around your bedroom like Molly Ringwald in a 1980s movie while listening to the coolest new track from the hippest new band. I’m usually sitting down when I write, at a desk attached to a wall in my office, but man, I keep standing up and wiggling like a stupid moron because of Police Control’s utter unruly wildness. Here I am, a teenager again, discovering punk and filtering it through inscrutable (from a distance) angst. I wanna embrace the guitars and drums and Matthias’s voice and somehow project it from myself out to you. It’s something you just gotta share – you know what I mean?

Discovering great rock and roll became a more difficult trick as the years have passed, because I haven’t found a lot that simply grabs me by the lapels and shakes me till I have a headache. (In this situation, a headache is a good thing.) Police Control have done just that (minus the headache, actually, but that’s good because I have stuff to do), and I’m going to bellow into anybody’s face, Francophile or otherwise, that they just have to get their hands on this EP. Actually, preferably not Francophile, because then there would be an additional sense of discovery for that hypothetical person when they realize that the French make rock records among the best of them. And trust me, I’m qualified to bellow in such a manner – after all, I’m a Louise Attaque fan. (Is that even cool? I have no idea.)


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