On Shuffle: Les Lullies – Les Lullies EP

(Discos Meteoro, 2016)

Hey. You. C’mere. Yeah, you. What? No, I don’t have any drugs. What’s wrong with you? Just because I’m wearing an oversize trenchcoat and beckoning covertly to you doesn’t mean I have drugs. I have something better I want to sell you in the entryway of this building! Meaning, specifically, 45″ vinyl records. I gotta jacketful of these bad boys, the new (well, new in November 2016) Les Lullies EP. What do you mean you don’t know Les Lullies?! They’re just the finest garage punk band from Montepellier! And this 7-inch contains four of the most blistering Franco-fied rock tunes you’ll have heard at least within the last week, depending on where you live. (You might live in France, and therefore have a clearer vantage point than me to survey the local independent music landscape.) Have you ever wanted the Hives to sound even more raw, more stripped down, faster, badder, uglier? Well, then, Les Lullies is for you, with enough punk speed and Stones hooks to cram right down your throat with a sneer and a middle finger, and probably a smashed guitar or kit or two as well. I mean, if you could see my hips underneath this ridiculous coat, you’d see ’em swaying like a coked-up Elvis’s hips just because I’m thinking about how bitchin’ the Les Lullies sound is. It was the future back in the sixties, it was the past in the 2000s, and now it’s the right now and you’re missing out without one of these little round clusterbombs spinning on your turntable in your flat. I mean, the song titles themselves read like distilled and regurgitated rebellion: “ You’re Doing Wrong,” “Savage (Fun Things),” “No” (read that “NO!!!!”), and “Doctor,” because you may need medical attention after all the shenanigans you’re going to get yourself involved in after listening to Les Lullies. This is not your parents’ watered-down rock and roll, this is not what the radio wants you to hear, this is not the music your teachers’ tap their toes to when they’re at home because they’re so bloody square. This is the sound of the kids, and the kids are pissed. But they’re alright too. Les Lullies probably have a few Who records lying around the squat. Anyways, you wanna buy one of these or not? I have less than fifty, and I’m not a computer, so cash only.


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