Thirteen Hurts – Chemtrails

One-Eyed Zatoichi’s “back” with Chemtrails, a follow-up to Threshold (also on No Part of It), which I covered right about here, as part of an info dump. I place “back” in quotation marks because Chemtrails was rescued from the year 2012 (Threshold was from 2011), so unless someone’s got a time machine they’re ready to fire up, we’re about eight years too late to celebrate with a launch. But that’s ok – as I’ve mentioned (in my linked review above), noise is ever-friggin-green, so you can pop on a Thirteen Hurts record whenever and still get brutalized just like you would have when it was first conceived. Also, Zatoichi’s been around, “active in some form or another” since the 1970s, so – now I don’t feel so old anymore.

He might be going/have gone mad at some point though, if the conspiracies about chemtrails are to be believed. Living in Colorado, Zatoichi was treated to numerous instances of chemtrails from jets, and they probably continually dosed him, over and over, until his mind resembled the sounds emanating from the Chemtrails disc. By that I mean his mind was simmered down to a viscous, oily goop that burned and seared and began to eat away at his brainpan. This is all OK, because in a selfish sort of way, I’m happy to be a part of this process, observing the frequencies and static and blasts of scouring agents emanating from his work. And this was pretty much all done with guitar pedals, so there’s quite a bit to sift through here. I used to make noise with guitar pedals – but then I would lurch into a majestic riff, not just leave my gear shorting out on the ground around me, like Zatoichi seems to be doing.

Just kidding, I was terrible at riffs.

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