Wax Fruit – Drowned by the World We Live In

Yes, thank you, Wax frickin Fruit, for looking so nice and real and juicy and getting all stuck up in my gums when I go to take a bite with my guard totally down and my stomach totally in the mood for some real fruit. That’s right, Wax Fruit – real mature. For existing.

I kid, but this ain’t a kidding kind of post. Turns out the duo/couple of Michaela and Dom got a metaphorical mouthful of fake produce and couldn’t handle it. Thus was born Drowned by the World We Live In, a downtrodden-but-ready-for-action slab of gritty darkwave lurking in the shadows, crouching, ready to pounce on you unsuspecting squares making a wrong turn down the wrong alley. Wax Fruit peddles a decidedly 1980s post-punk vibe, all synth all the time, goth undertones, a secret favorite of industrial heads whispering about it at basement shows resembling dystopian future warehouses. Over seven tracks of crisp anti-pop, Wax Fruit carves up the corpses of Information Society and the Human League on a coroner’s table, searching diligently for the cause of death. And while they may not find it, that’s not really the point – they just have a heck of a time looking.

Here’s to chomping real produce! On No Part of It.

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