Sterile Garden – Acidosis

I’ve wandered through Sterile Garden’s junkyard menagerie before. It was a Miasma of a haunted wander, if you get my meaning. By that I mean that I wrote about a tape called Miasma one time. Here Sterile Garden is Jacob DeRaadt and Jacob DeRaadt only – nobody else went into the pressure cooker with him this time. And as I’ve essentially alluded to, DeRaadt likes to make freaky deaky noises in what sounds like a fully loaded machine shop, complete with industrial-strength everything. The Sterile Garden way is to wander through the junkyard and grab parts and scraps, take them into the machine shop, and go to town on them. Acidosis! That’s how it came about.

Speaking of iron, the blood boils on this Acidosis CD, or at least it allows the buildup of acid in the bloodstream. And I know what you’re thinking, no, not the good kind of acid, but the bad one, the one caused by respiratory issues. But if you were going to get down to the molecular level and observe the blood cells from a 1:1 perspective you’d see them being tortured and devoured by acid cells that look suspiciously like miniaturized versions of the equipment you’d find in a machine shop. Weirdly, it sounds like the machine shop too, but it’s as if the machine shop had decided to destroy you from the inside out via your blood. Does Jacob DeRaadt have a PhD in biochemistry? Or is he simply a mad scientist hell-bent on mechanical havoc? I’d actually bet my mortgage on the latter – well, I mean that I’d eat my glasses if he wasn’t some sort of mad sound scientist. Bunson Honeydew on crank.

CD on No Part of It.

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